his page shows the overall players.

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A Kirin A Kirin
a Llama a Llama
a llama a llama
A Mental Man A Mental Man
a miner The Upstanding a miner
A Mystic Lama The Admirable A Mystic Lama
A Mystic Worker A Mystic Worker
A Naked Chest The Glorious A Naked Chest
a ninja a ninja
A One arm fisher The Good A One arm fisher
A one arm man A one arm man
a pig The Unsavory a pig
A puller The Upstanding A puller
A Rabbit The Glorious Lord A Rabbit
A Rat A Rat
a raving madman a raving madman
A Rude Mofo A Rude Mofo
a salmon a salmon
A Sexy Monkey A Sexy Monkey
A Tree Wizard A Tree Wizard
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